County HomeMakers, Inc
(814) 371-5500
County HomeMakers
are trained, responsible, non-medical Home Health Care Providers in
Pennsylvania.  We are someone you can count on to help you stay out
of a nursing home, state facility or to give your primary caregiver a well
deserved rest.  County HomeMakers provide support, guidance, and
sometimes a little elbow grease to keep you in your home for as long
as you want to be there.  We can help you with the daily tasks of living
on your own.  HomeMaker Services are grouped into the following
Personal Care
Respite Care
Home Support
County HomeMaker Services
can be a weclomed alternative to relocating an aging individual into a
nursing home facility.  The Pennsylvania Department of Aging has
determined that most older individuals would rather stay in their own
homes.  With this in mind, the  Department of Aging developed the
PDA Waiver Program.  County HomeMakers are a PDA Waiver
Certified Provider.  This program helps limited income individuals stay
in their homes by financing non-medical home health options.  If an
individual does not qualify for PDA Waiver services, services may still
be scheduled and financed privately, through an Area Agency on
Aging Options program or by an insurance provider.  Whatever you or
your loved one's predicament dictates...
County HomeMakers are here to help!  
County HomeMakers, Inc.
Carlson Complex, 213 Hahne Court
DuBois, PA  15801
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